Gopinath Velumani

Hey there!

GOPINATH VELUMANI here from South India.
Welcome to my blog! And I’m glad that you checked out my About Me page.

My Area of Interest:
Data Science, Business Analysis, Digital Marketing, Busienss Consulting, Ecommerce, Branding, IT, Spirituality & Cryptocurrency

Bachelor of Technology, Computer Science & Engineering
Master in International Business (Singapore)

Additional Certifications: 
Certified Data Scientist, IBM
Certified Digital Marketing Expert, Pixel Track

Published a Book:
Stress in Organisations , A Study of the Indian IT Sector
Available in English & 5 Other Languages around the Globe


So let me take you on a short, quick & interesting tour about me and my life.

I am excited to talk about myself. Well I always am, (excited to talk), lol. And I hope you are too (to know me + in general excited to talk about yourself).


My name is Gopinath and my close circle calls me IpoG (Just reverse of Gopi). You may get a question here, why Digital Gopi is my personal branding website name. It’s simple; all the communication or my blog posts or any other activity through this website is digital and you are going to interact with me digitally. At this point of time when you are reading this page, I may be doing something else. So in future even after me, my contents will remain on internet without my physical presence.

Born in South of India, Did my schooling at Trichy. Completed my Bachelor degree from Chennai and Master degree from Singapore.

After my education, I stated my professional career and have worked in different job roles with nearly 30+ clients around the globe and still counting. I am more interested in client facing roles. My other areas of interests are Digital Marketing & Data Science. Whenever I get some spare time, I invest them in these areas of my interest.

Gopinath Velumani

I don’t want to bore you with my education & career, let’s talk something apart these.

Gopinath Velumani

I always believe that there is an external power that guides me throughout the journey of my life. You may call it God or Nature or any name you wish. I am big follower of Lord Shiva and I believe the game is his; I’m just playing my role given by him. Doing so, it’s easy for me to handle success and failures in my life.


 And when I was 10+ years old I accepted Shri. Vethathiri Maharishi as my spiritual guru and it has been a long association with my guru. At different occasions I was lucky enough to meet him and get his blessings.