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1. Stress in Organisations
(A Study of the Indian IT Sector)

ISBN-13: 978-620-3-30454-1
Book language: English
Blurb/Short text: Stress has become our part and parcel of our life. Stress is caused because of many reasons and this research is about organizational stress or workplace stress. This research is on the information technology industry located in India. This research explains the causes and consequences of stress in organizations. To a certain point, stress is helpful in achieving targets in a given time. When stress exceeds its level then it has a negative effect on the mental health and physical health of an individual. Even though there are a lot of variables that help in measuring the causes/consequences of stress. Only six variables were taken for measuring workplace stress they are job satisfaction, job role, workplace, accident rate, efficiency and productivity. Also, six control variables were used to measure the stress they are gender, age, smoking, drinking, education level and relaxing actives. This research also provides a guide on how to get away from stress and the techniques helpful in avoiding stressful situations.
Publishing house: LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing
By (author) : Gopinath Velumani
Number of pages: 96
Published on:2021-01-15

Keywords: stress in organisations, Stress, work stress, human resource management, Indian IT Sector, mental health, Drinking and stress, smoking and stress, overcoming stress, stress management, Company practice on stress

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