Sometimes I use to think about some topics & I wanted to write it out. It may be interesting for some people. I will write it in different parts and if you are interested you can continue reading. All the posts are out of my own thoughts. So if you have different opinions about these, we can have a healthy discussion. I try to make it interesting.


Why the desire for Money in Human never ends?

To understand this we should know how is money being measured in our system:
Money is measured in terms of Numbers, Numbers don’t end (infinity), So the desire in human to earn money never end.
One having 100’s thinks of 1000’s and one with 1000’s thinks of 100000’s and it goes on.



What is life?

Life is all about questions. From your start day to the end day, it is full of questions. You can’t reply to your set of 1st questions and last set of questions. People around you take care of the 1st and last set of questions. Rest all set of questions is what I call life, only you can reply.
Your first set of questions consist of: When did he/she born, what gender, etc.,
Last set of questions: How did he/she die, when are you taking the body, etc.,
Rest all questions: what are you going to study, when is your marriage, rest all how, when, why, what, where, etc., questions fall in this set.
Some get answers to all questions and become godmen, while the rest live with questions and this journey continues. Who knows you may be reading this article now and maybe reading again in the future with a different set of questions with a different name. Lol, I was joking.


Who are your relatives?

All living being born on earth has only 2 relatives; either they belong to one or both. You can follow any religion; you can be anything on this earth like a plant, animal or human.

All the relatives you think as your relatives are truly a short form of a dream in your immortal life. The true relatives you belong to are one is Fire, another is Soil. Always they make sure to take you safely and you return back without fail. When your day comes, you need to visit your relatives for sure.



Does God exist? 

Digital Gopi

Yes for sure. When there is a Creation, there will be a creator. But most of the things we see today are Human made Gods. Lol, to make it into a sentence we can put it in this way -> God Created humans & in return Human’s created something and named it to be God. Now this God has become business and it’s highly a profitable business. 

When someone tells God is not there, how did they come to a conclusion that there is no God, So at some point or other people has seen or experienced God. Ok, let me put it in this way for better understanding. When you are in a dark room, you tell there is no light inside the room. Light is not present inside the room at that particular period of time, but for reference, you are taking the light. Very same, our soul knows God. So even if you are telling us there is no God, How did you come to that conclusion? At some point of time, their souls have experienced god. 



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