Let’s talk about what makes a Funnel convert. There are several factors of conversion rate optimization, they are:· Offer· Traffic Sources· Sales Copy· Marketing & Sales Funnel· Branding OFFER

Your offer is the most important element of your marketing. Your offer itself is what sells. How do you create a compelling offer? Well, I will cover that topic in another set of Posts.
However, if you are a Coach or Consultant and want to learn quickly how to create a great offer then pick up and read: Sell Like Crazy by Sabri Suby or Copywriting Secrets by Jim Edwards. Coaches, remember that your offer will solve a problem for someone in a unique and compelling manner your offer makes your customer avatar want to work with you. TRAFFIC SOURCES

Traffic selection and sources do matter and can result in 2X to 10X difference in performance. You want to select the Traffic Source where your prospect hangs out online.
Where does your prospect go to learn about and buy products or services like yours online? That is the key question. Our clients use our proven methodology to help them select the proper Traffic source. You do need to realize that a Google and Facebook advertising campaign can generate different types of traffic.
Again, Traffic source selection is based on many factors and determined by your market, client profile, offer, pricing, competition, etc. Be very thoughtful when selecting your Traffic source. Follow the top-performing competitors in your market, they will leave glues about what platforms and campaigns perform best.


People are already searching for your product and are actively looking for a way to solve their problems. For example, in the B2B enterprise software sales market, 84% of the product selection process is initiated through Google search.
Showing up properly in Google for keywords is critical in terms of whether your product or service will be considered. This is a high stakes game. As with all your marketing, you need to create a unique offer and stand out from the crowd.


Facebook advertising is an art and science, especially for high ticket coaching and consulting programs. Facebook is a social platform and traffic is a bit colder. Most of your potential buyers are either not currently in the market or even aware that they have a problem. Your Ad is catching them cold.
However, by using a proper Facebook Ad strategy and execution plan you can take cold traffic and convert it to warm leads and into new client relationships in 24-48 hours. It works; however, you need to do it properly.

Cold traffic requires a great hook, a big promise and storytelling to capture your prospect’s attention. Once you have their attention and they are engaging your brand because you are providing valuable content, content that helps them solve their problem, you can be more direct with your offer, with subsequent re-targeting campaigns.SALES COPYLet’s focus on your sales copy and messaging for a moment.
Marketing is about creating tremendous leverage in your business by getting your core message to thousands of qualified and semi-qualified prospects, at the same time. It uses the 1: Many principles. Marketing builds leverage because you can have your best “conversation” with millions of prospects, at the same time.
However, your sales copy, copy that converts, is like you talking to one person at a time and you are having a conversation with them about their wants and needs and how you can help them get the outcomes and results they desire.
Your Ad copy must be congruent with your funnel landing page and you must speak directly to your target audience. When you are speaking directly to your target audience, you are getting inside their mind and the conversation they are having with themselves.
Make an emotional connection with them using your words. Online Marketing expert, Frank Kern says to use a construct when you develop sales copy. Keep it simple.
Master the basics and you will get better over time. It is a skill that can be developed. Or, if you have a budget hire a pro. You can find terrific copywriters in Facebook Groups like Click funnels Official. Here’s the formula that may be useful, as you develop your sales copy…

STEP 1 – Point out who your message is for
STEP 2 – 
Identify their problem
STEP 3 – 
Talk about why what they’re currently doing to solve their problem won’t work
STEP 4 – 
Tell them how you discovered what DOES work
STEP 5 – 
Tell them how they can get it

Realize that your Ad copy may be different based on the type of product or service you are marketing and your customer avatar. For some types of products that are self-explanatory, you want to highlight why your offer/product is different and unique from the competition.
For other products like information products, coaching programs or business software, these products are a bit more conceptual, you need to tell a story, explain or illustrate in detail what problem your product solves and how solving that problem changes your customer’s lives.
What life and business transformation does your product or service deliver? What outcomes, results and tangible benefits do your customer derive from using your product or service?MARKETING & SALES FUNNEL

Test, Validation (Market data) and Optimization. Test your sales funnel before you go into production. You need to make sure everything is working properly and there are no glitches.
For example, your order page must work correctly, and payments must properly process. After you go into production and you will begin to analyze “data” regarding your funnel’s performance, as well as get feedback from your prospects and customers. Use market ‘data”, analytics, and customer feedback to begin the “optimization” process. Optimize and further automate your Funnel.
Create an excellent user experience. User A/B split testing for landing pages, headlines, and lead magnets. Buff out and add emails to your email sequences. You need to maximize return on Ad spend, by getting the most out of every $1 spent.
Cover the basics, make incremental improvements. Is your offer converting? How about cart abandonment, did you set up your cart abandonment email sequence? In a separate post, I will talk about “leaky funnels” and how to correct a leaky funnel and 2X your results.


Here you want to keep it simple. Create and use your brand design: Color scheme, font, logo, tagline to convey your brand image. Everything must be congruent throughout your marketing; Ad, landing page, funnel pages, lead magnets, etc.
Congruency is keenly important. You want to build your personal/business brand not confuse your prospect. You and your business are unique, you want to use your marketing assets to convey your core message to your audience and get them to know, like and trust you, AND buy from you!

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